1963.09  SUMTAK is established in Shibuya, Tokyo  

1963.12  Relocates to Chofu, Tokyo for starting production.
               Branches out into digital counter and cam switch.

1964.01   Osaka office opens.

1969.03   Nagoya office opens.

1969.03   Tokyo office opens in Shibuya as a sales department according to
                the increased order of sensors and high frequency encoders. 


1975.04   Kyusyu office opens.
                Starts manufacturing of optical rotary encoders focused on
                NC machine tool industry.

1979.10   Sagamihara Plant opens for volume production of optical rotary encoder.


1986.05   Extension of Sagamihara Plant is completed.
                Sumtak becomes a top manufacturer of optical rotary encoder in Japan.


1990.04   Volume production of sensor for Shinkanasen starts.

1994.04   Control System Department is established to develop servo control system.

1996.09   Sumtak obtains ISO9001 certification.

1998.04   Sumtak obtains CE marking for specific encoders.


2000.04   Sumtak becomes a 100% subsidiary of HEIDENHAIN, Germany.

2004.10   Sumtak acquires the PULSCALE business from Futaba Corporation.

2006.03   Sumtak obtains ISO14001 certification.

2006.10   Machida Plant is launched including headquarters & Tokyo sales office

2009.07   Merger with HEIDENHAIN K.K.